Career planning

Sometimes success is getting good colleagues.

First of all, you can start by contacting us. You can get any kind of support for a new game or project. By pressing the e-mail button above, you can:

You should write what kind of being you want to be with us. If you want to work with us, you must first add your resume and information about yourself to your e-mail. Likewise, if you want to run a joint project with us, we still need a CV. In addition, if you share explanatory and informative information with us, it will be more useful to get to know each other about you.

First of all, we check your application and return to you. We are holding a meeting. After that, we will interview you.

We continue our journey with everyone who passes them.

A joint game project with us, Drawing, Graphics and Animation, Software, Game testing etc. You can collaborate on it.